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Our facility is a licensed Integrated Community Health Services Center. We have been audited by the CPSO for safety.

Expert Staff - Our physicians have all been accredited by the CPSO to perform various procedures

Zero Wait Time - Non-urgent patients seen within 2 weeks. Rapid referral assessment and urgent appointments scheduled same or next day.

We will notify and book all patients to minimize your work.

Your Trusted Partners in Advanced Cardiac Care

Comprehensive Cardiac Care:

Our team of expert cardiologists are on staff at St. Joseph’s Hospital and maintain community-based practices at Riverside Cardiology, ensuring seamless coordination of patient care. We have a special arrangement with St. Michael’s Hospital Electrophysiology group, who visit our facilities to provide specialized care, ensuring patients receive expedited access to advanced treatments. We offer accelerated outpatient consultations and actively participate in advancing diagnostic and treatment approaches through research projects. Additionally, we host tailored educational events and talks designed to support referring physicians, enhancing collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

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